Here’s the Link! – April Edition

I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting to share products that have been helpful, handy, or just downright fun but I always forget to just take the time to grab the links for you so while I hope to add a new products post monthly, I make no promises! I’ve saved the baby items to the end so those that aren’t in that stage do not have to sift through those to get to the rest. Hope you enjoy!

The BEST water bottle!! When you’re on the go, it’s hard to stay hydrated. Now that we’re quarantined, Micah and I got these water bottles to challenge one another to stay hydrated.

I love drinking from a straw and in the past I would buy the large pack of smoothie straws from Kroger but in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, I purchased these washable silicone straws and they’re the best!

I’m terrible at keeping up with sunglasses and after Beach Reach last year when I broke my favorite pair, I found these and I still wear them a year later. They come in a little pouch that goes perfectly in the bag organizer I keep in my bag from The Shop Forward – my every day catch all bag.

Speaking of bag organizer, this has been such a life saver for me! There is nothing worse than the never ending search for chapstick or pens of keys in the bottom of your bag. Even when my organizer gets messy, it’s still a million times easier to find things in a hurry! It comes in several colors and sizes. The large works great in a normal size canvas tote.

Everywhere I go, I get asked about this tote bag. It is my every day bag and I love it! Customize your own at The Shop Forward and all proceeds of all things sold in this shop are donated to a non-profit/charity.

Need a new hair dryer that won’t break the bank but still works great? I love this one! I don’t blow dry my hair often but when I do, I need it to be a speedy process and this one does not disappoint. Granted, you may have already indulged in a new L’ANGE blow dryer after seeing all the ads on social media during this social distancing season but if not, this one is a great buy too! 🙂

Last year I found myself searching for a new travel case for my makeup and skin care that would protect it in my luggage while on the go and also carry it all in one place. I’ve loved this one! It fits all my Beautycounter products perfectly!

Speaking of Beautycounter, it’s my absolute favorite! I’ve been using BC exclusively in makeup and skincare for 3 years now and my skin has never looked/felt better. We also use their baby products and I LOVE their body wash/lotion.

Everything is made with safe ingredients and the company as a whole is on a mission to push stricter legislation regarding the ingredients permitted in our cosmetics/skincare. There are little perimeters despite research showing cancer causing, hormone disrupting ingredients being used in many of the products we’ve grown up using and loving. Check your labels, friends, and check out Beautycounter. Right now you can get 20% off your first order.

The link will take you to my friend Beth Ann’s site and she’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. You can find her on instagram @simply_simpson

One of the crazy parts of being a mom are the wild ways that our hormones change and wreak havoc on things like our hair. PP hair loss has hit as we’ve hit the 4 month mark and I’ve been reading a lot about scalp health. I found these one amazon and they’re really helped me care for my hair by starting at the scalp. They also feel amazing! It’s like a trip to the salon every time you wash your hair!

I want to preface this by saying – we got this vacuum on sale during Amazon Prime Day for more than half the listing price so maybe put this in your cart and watch for the price to drop. If I were planning to spend this much on a vacuum, I’d be a roomba honestly but since we’re not in a place to spend that kind of money, this Shark vacuum has worked perfectly for us. Even though Bailey doesn’t shed as bad as most dogs, we still need a vacuum that works great for folks with pets. I love how easy it is to clean and that it goes from carpet to hardwood floors with ease. This is my second Shark and this one works even better than my first and that’s saying something! 🙂

Pregnancy/Baby Items

I’ll attach the link to my registry so you can see the items we registered for in full but I can’t even begin to think through our favorite items so far without first mentioning our carseat/stroller combo. The versatility of this travel system and it’s ease of use place it at the top of my list. It’s super lightweight and glides like a dream. Micah will regularly say during our walks how much he loves it so I think that says a lot to the quality!

This pillow is a game changer! Bought mine on amazon but recently found it on sale at Belk. The piece that zips off has also been the best pillow for breastfeeding – yes even better than the boppy! If you’re not already running out of pillows to help you sleep, the time will come so go ahead and grab this baby while it’s on sale!

My sweet friend Anna recommended these nursing friendly nightgowns right before Henry was born and I’m so glad I grabbed a couple to take to the hospital. They’re perfect for around the clock feedings and are super light and comfy! I wish I’d had them my entire pregnancy!

These drawer organizers are perfect for tiny baby clothes! I was struggling to figure out the best way to organize the nursery and the baby socks were stressing me out! The smallest box is PERFECT!

Speaking of baby socks and such, these mesh laundry bags are perfect! I love them for my delicates too!

Life saver. This helped our transition to the crib so much easier!

This portable sound machine is a miracle worker when soothing a tired baby on the go. Henry has slept like a dream on every road trip (except the last 80 miles home from Texas) thanks to this little guy! It clips perfectly on the handle of the car seat carrier and uses a USB charger. We even used it as our exclusive sound machine in the house for a couple of months until we found the one we keep in our nursery now. If you are taking baby on the go, you need this!

We registered for a sound machine based on reviews and received 3 of them. We returned one, gifted one and still have the third one as a back up. I didn’t love the sounds provided in the one we registered for and it didn’t seem like the best quality when we unboxed it. After a couple of nights of not feeling like it was working the way everyone raved a sound machine would in terms of lulling a baby to sleep, we resorted to using the rain app on my phone and a bluetooth speaker until we found the portable option I grabbed for our trip to Texas.

This past month, we purchased this sound machine for Henry’s nursery as we made the transition for him to be in his crib full time and this one is amazing. I can’t say enough about it! I love that it plugs into the wall for every day use but also takes AA batteries for when you need to take it room to room. I can’t say enough about this product!

Here is the link to our baby registry. I keep it active because there are items on the list that we didn’t receive and haven’t needed yet so it keeps them in an easy to find location. I also deleted the items we received and didn’t love so that you won’t see that we have it and purchase it on that basis.

Thanks for getting this far in my first “Here’s the Link!”. More to come! 🙂