You’re Not Alone

Mother’s Day is a complex day for so many.

So many daughters and sons mourning the loss of their mothers.

So many mothers who have tragically lost their children.

So many women who long to be mothers but have yet to be.

So many women who have lost babies before they were held in your arms.

So many adoptive mamas waiting to meet their babies.

So many foster moms whose babies have left their home but not their heart.

So many children with strained relationships with their mothers.

So many mothers whose children have pushed them away.

So many women who chose to give up their babies yet still ache when this day rolls around.

So many other instances and circumstances that make this day heavy for so many and I want you to hear me say, it’s ok. You’re not alone.

It’s ok not to celebrate.

It’s ok to go all out.

It’s ok to turn off your phone.

It’s ok to like every single Mother’s Day post you see.

It’s ok to remind people that this day is hard for you.

It’s ok to grieve.

Create space to feel what you’re feeling. This pain doesn’t just surface on Mother’s Day, it’s constant and is simply amplified when the second Sunday in May rolls around so hear me say, it’s ok. You’re not alone.

My heart is hurting with you with a wide array of emotions and if in the midst of the Mother’s Day posts and family photos, you feel lonely and overwhelmed, know that it’s ok. You’re not alone.

Sometimes that’s all we need to hear.