A Prayer for September

Lord, be with our medical professionals who are working diligently every day to care for the needs of their patients whether in our hospitals, in the exam rooms in clinics, in the pharmacy filling prescriptions, and in the labs testing again and again with the hopes of a vaccine.

Lord, be with the teachers who are doing their very best to teach – some through masks, some through screens and all from a heart to promote a loving, safe environment for every child.

Lord, be with the parents who are doing their very best to balance being a mom/dad/stepparent/foster parent/legal guardian, a home school teacher, a counselor, a chef, a personal assistant, janitor, nurse and for many, also managing their own respective careers outside of the home.

Lord, be with our church leaders who are doing their very best to discern your voice in the best way to lead their people in times of uncertainty.

Lord, be with the business owners who have poured out their blood, sweat and tears to build something meaningful for their family and their community.

Lord, be with our law enforcement officers around our country. May they be reminded of their call to serve and protect and be united in that spirit as they go out into their communities. May their eyes be opened to the cries of their people and may they use the authority they’ve been given to provide peace and security to their neighbors.

Lord, be with our local government leaders who feel an overwhelming pressure to make decisions based on the needs of their constituents.

Lord, be with the members of the House and the Senate. Convict them to put the needs of their constituents above partisan politics – even in an election year.

Lord, be with the Trump Administration. May they rise to the challenge that’s before us to lead with heart to unify our divided nation around the ideals in which our country was built.

Lord, be with American citizens trying to navigate 2020. May we value the good of our neighbors over our own personal freedom. In a time where everyone is convinced that they must pick a side/align with a party, Lord, I pray that you convict us to remain loyal to you and your word and to the Kingdom building work you’ve called us. May we listen to one another with a heart of empathy rather than treating one another as adversaries.

Lord, be present in the hearts of all people around the world – stirring us to pursue you and your peace in our lives and in our community. Bring revival, starting with us, and spilling out onto all who walk the earth. May your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

May those who know you value your word and your call to kindness and love above all else.

Lord, give us your grace this September to see the good in you and in the ways you’re working. And give us peace in trusting you when things feel crazy.