To the Church:

In the midst of a million disappointments I’ve had in 2020, the one that’s been most heartbreaking for me and has been a heavy burden in my spirit – the political discourse among Christ followers, specifically in our online engagement.

As Christ followers we must work towards unity and peacemaking. It is at the very core of who we are as believers. We cannot do so by prioritizing public displays of political opinion over pursuing Christ likeness in our words, in our social media engagement, in the way we treat others.

We cannot both love Christ while also hating Republicans or Democrats.

We cannot share the love of Jesus while also sharing articles and memes that mock those who view the world differently than you.

We cannot mourn with those who mourn while also publicly questioning the validity of the Covid-19 death count because that fits a certain political narrative.

We cannot make peace and stand for justice as Jesus commands while also posting snarky comments, sharing articles and information that are not known to be based on facts, and making bold claims that add to the division among us.

We cannot hold tight to our values of human life while also refusing to take proper precautions that could save the lives of those we come in contact within our communities.

We must choose to value our gospel witness more than our politics.

We must learn how to have dialogue with one another even when we disagree rather than dismissing the thoughts and opinions of those who disagree.

We have to stop viewing Republicans or Democrats as the enemy and view them as image bearers of God, created in his image, human beings worthy of respect no matter their political affiliation.

We have to stop and ask if what we’re sharing online is contributing to the work of unity or furthering the division.

We need to get back to the basics of filtering even the tiniest decisions through the lens of what Jesus would do.

Church, the world is watching. And if I’ve learned anything in 2020 is that God was not kidding around when he told us in his word that He opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.

May we repent and turn from our sin – and actively work to use our online engagement as a tool of encouragement that fuels Kingdom work rather than torching it.

Church, we must do better.