Embracing the Laugh Lines

Since I’ve embarked on a new work journey, I’ve gotten to do exciting new jobs things like buy office supplies, create new spreadsheets, and decorate my office. The new job task I’ve hated – selecting a professional headshot for work.

Since I work in a male dominated field, my coworkers wear suits for their photos which is great for them but not really my vibe. I started flipping back through old headshots that might be professional enough to make the cut but they just didn’t feel like they encapsulated who I am today.

I considered using one taken by my friend Nicole Cole in 2017 but that 3 year old photo didn’t look like me. The smile is fake, the shoulders look tense, it was just all wrong. I do remember her and that season. She was striving – striving to fit into boxes not built for her and that girl is no longer me.

Krisy Thomas sent me the photos we took a few months ago at a styled shoot and I landed on this one. It’s not perfect. I could rattle off about the bags under my eyes and the laugh lines on my face but that’s the 2020 version of me – exhausted as a working mom with two jobs yet so much laughter with my husband, our cute kid, our friends who are like family in our little city, and our actual family who remind us what home feels like.

And y’all – that’s 2020 in a nutshell. We’re all exhausted from the loss and grief and the never ending disappointments but our people are the ones holding us together. Of all the things I have hated about this year, the fact that we’re all walking through this year together is something that I’m hoping brings a shared sense of authenticity among us.

May we link arms with our people and hold each other up with a shared hope that better days are coming.

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