We need to do better.

On Memorial Day, Micah picked up some roses and asked if we could go take a walk at the military cemetery in town. As we drove up and looked for the best place to park and take a walk, you could feel the weight of such a somber day. Families were gathered at the graves of loved ones, Veteran wearing hats that identify their time in the service were all around, there was a constant bustle of folks in and out of the cemetery yet it was silent.

I observed the names on headstones along with the dates listed – I could feel the tension of sadness and gratitude. And then a thought came to my mind, “We need to do better.” And by “we”, I mean all of us.

We can all be better listeners.

We can all be more intentional in learning more about people who are different than us.

We can all extend kindness.

We can all take a pause before hitting send.

We can all show more grace.

We can all question if the words we share are building the Kingdom.

We can all show more gratitude.

We can all be mindful of our privilege as Americans.

We can all do better.

Men and women across this nation have fought and died for our freedom in America that provides us with the privilege to share the gospel in word and deed – and yet, the way that we live as Christians in America is often not viewed as any different than anyone else and that’s a problem.

There is a lost and dying world out there who is either being drawn closer to God because of what they see in us or they are being pushed further away from any desire to know the Jesus we claim to know and serve.

Brothers and sisters – we need to do better.