He is for you. He is with you.

The worship pastor at my church received this photo from a friend. It was taken on Monday when the clouds parted and our Memphis sky was stunned by a gorgeous double rainbow. Caleb’s friend caught a particularly special shot from Crosstown Concourse as the rainbow stretched down right on top of our church steeple.

When I look at this photo, I receive this as a token of affection, word of encouragement, a big hug around the neck from our Heavenly Father, reminding us that He is with us and He keeps his promises. That He is with us, still.

We are living in uncertain times.

As chaos abounds and this world feels shaky, let us remind you that Jesus is our constant and it is He, the solid rock where we stand, that is our firm foundation.

When the world around us feels shaky, may we shift our eyes this week to eternity – where we meet Jesus face to face and see all promises fulfilled.

At Mosaic Church, we are a melting pot, a true mosaic of people from different backgrounds and stories, gathered together as a family united in Christ and in expectation for all things to be made new.

If you’re reading this and you’re not local to Memphis, I cannot stress enough the importance of a local faith family. We were not meant to walk this road alone. 2020 scattered us a bit and disrupted our routines – and in part I think that could be a good thing – but our faith journey is meant to be lived alongside brothers and sisters, spurring one another on along the way.

As I prayed over our church family this past Sunday right after singing “Lord I need you,” I felt the spirit reminding me that we do, indeed, need Jesus every hour of every day AND that He is with us.

If no one has reminded you lately, let me do the honor – and this is where I wish we could be seated across the table from one another.

He is for you.

He is with you.

If you are local to Memphis and are not plugged into a community of believers, I invite you to join us in the church with the big steeple at the corner of Jackson and McLean as we worship together and as we link arms with one another to carry each other across our eternal finish line, grabbing up as many folks to join us as we can along the way.

We would love to have you join us and have the chance to remind you that our promise keeper is with you when your world feels shaky too.