Things I’m Loving – December 2021

Things I’m Loving:

  • The Advent Devotional from my church. I know I’m partial – I did edit it and put the final touches on it but there is a something so special about the way our church family came together to provide the content, each bringing a small piece of themselves into the devotionals they wrote as a way to encourage one another that makes me so happy. We also included a page each week with recipes and family traditions (even some by kids in our church) and it’s just my favorite. If you’ve missed out on an advent devotional this year, we still have a week! Dive into ours! You can download it here.
  • I mentioned in the last edition of “Things I’m Loving” that I had purchased a new tea kettle and that I had my eye on a new dutch oven. I did get a new dutch oven this fall, just in time for the biggest pot of soups I could make and it was the best money spent. The “Beautiful” by Drew Barrymore one at Walmart that I wanted was all sold out (and was smaller than I desired, despite it’s gorgeous color options!) so I went to trusty, faithful Target and picked up this one (mine is white but this red is so pretty!). Come over sometime and I’ll cook you the best soup of your life – or at least that day!)
  • “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” podcast. Yes, I wrote a whole piece about it. Yes, I can’t stop talking about. Yes, I have obviously have lots of thoughts. But seriously – this story is one that needs to be told. So many have been hurt by unhealthy church cultures and we should talk about that more. Mike Cosper did a brilliant job and I am excited for new projects coming from Christianity Today.
  • This surge protector. Yall, I can’t believe I’m sharing a surge protector with you but since we moved into our house, my side of the bed has been a situation. Our house is old and has limited electrical outlets which means we have to get creative at times. Here’s the thing – I need a lamp because I have this weird thing about needing a light on until the second I fall asleep. I’m a dream to share a bedroom with! 😉 I also have a hatch alarm clock. So where should I plug in my phone? Across the bed in Micah’s unused outlet? Apparently, that’s not acceptable. The problem is that traditional surge protectors have a short cord and I did not want to have to reach behind my side table to plug in any additional items that needed power – I’m boring you already. Anyways, this guy is a dream and worth every penny!
  • Babylist. As we prepare for baby #2 – I wanted to try a more comprehensive registry instead of making multiple for different retailers. Babylist to the rescue! People have beef with Bezos and don’t want to shop Amazon? No worries! There’s a link to every other retailer that sells that item with their price! Here’s a link to ours so you can see how it works.

That’s all I have this time, guys! The main things I’m loving these days are being in our home we love with our family and friends eating good food I prepared in my dutch oven.