TFF Giveaway!!

I did my first TFF Giveaway last week and it was such a hit!! Many have asked about the products and where you can find them so I am sharing those links here!

  • “Daily Surrender: 30 Day Guide to Getting into God’s Word” by yours truly. This item is not available to purchase YET but we hope to work out the technological kinks and have that available on my site soon. I will send out an update when it’s ready to purchase! Whitney won this item and I am looking forward to hearing how she is enjoying it!
  • An item from the Popcast Shop! If you have been following along in my newsletter, the Popcast was the Podcast recommendation for April. You can browse their shop here! Kenzie won this item and while hers has not come in yet and it’s a surprise – I can’t wait to show it once it arrives!!
  • A Write the Word Journal from The Cultivate Shop! A couple of years ago, I purchased a Write the Word Journal and it has been a game changer for me in my time with the Lord. It’s a beautiful journal that walks you through prompts to write out a passage of scripture. I love it because it’s the perfect way to align my heart and mind on the Lord. You can browse the selection of Write the Word Journals here! Belen won this item and chose the Renewal one. I used this same one during a season that felt dry and lonely and it was so encouraging for me in that season. Praying that Belen finds that same encouragement!
  • Each month in the newsletter, Bailey shares a book recommendation. Bailey’s book rec for April was “The Passion Generation” by Grant Skeldon and you can purchase it here. Jill won this book and I was really excited because I know it will be encouraging as she leads her campus ministry as President this next year!
  • I’ve been a journal lover for quite sometime but nearly a year ago, I was gifted a leather refillable flat lay journal and I adore it. I have been on the hunt for another one ever since to recommend. I found this one and I was pumped when Jarrell won it in the giveaway! You can purchase on here.

I look forward to sharing more fun products with you!

By purchasing items #4 and #5 from this list from the links provided, I will earn a tiny commission.