I’ve had people say, “It feels like your pregnancy has flown by!” and I agree! In the midst of those long weeks of feeling sick it may have felt like it was dragging on but now its so hard to believe that we’ll have a baby in our arms in two months. Our due date is Dec 4th and the baby is measuring about a week early so we could have ourselves a Turkey baby and I’m A-OK with that! 🙂

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in September and have had to be on a pretty strict low carb diet and take my blood sugar 4 times a day. That’s probably the biggest update aside from the fact that I’m certain we have the most active baby ever conceived. When I had my tests run, my blood sugars were not super high to begin with, just like 2-5 points higher than they prefer and so the good news is that it’s been easily regulated with diet and I have not had to do insulin shots. I’m handling it fairly well on most days except for when I throw temper tantrums because I JUST WANT TO EAT WHAT I WANT. Let’s just say, any extra prayers you can send up for Micah would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

I’m fairly certain that this kid will be a gymnast based on the constant flips I’m feeling day and night. Someone told me this weekend that I’ll miss that feeling and I absolutely know that to be true. We’ve began reading nightly to the baby and it’s such a sweet time for us. The baby is super active while people are talking – even if it’s people talking on a podcast! 🙂 We all pile up, Bailey included, and Micah reads while I watch the baby’s limbs move across my belly. We’re starting to really sink into a “savor this” mentality as we round out these last two months.

Answers to Frequently Asked Pregnancy Questions:

  • How far along? 32 Weeks and counting.
  • No, we’re still not planning to find out the gender. We want to be suprised!!
  • And no, I’m still not concerned about what color to paint the nursery nor having prepared monogrammed onesies. 🙂 I actually feel much less stressed not knowing and less tempted to buy gender specific things we don’t really need.
  • A few weeks ago, I woke up and looked in the mirror and said, “ok so that’s new” as my baby bump popped out of no where. And I’m certain I’m growing more by the day – joy! At my last appointment I was actually down 5 lbs but baby looks good and no one is concerned so even though my belly is growing, my face looks slimmer so there’s that! 😬
  • Quality sleep is hard to come by. It’s just hard to find a good sleeping position even with all the pillows in the house at my aid.
  • I had some pretty strong aversions in the beginning but most of those have gone away. I crave fruit all of the time but because I’m having to monitor my blood sugar, I have to be careful with it.
  • Baby is looking great at each doctor’s appointment and even measuring a little early.
  • Because of the GD diagnosis, I have begun to see a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist in town on top of my normal doctor.
  • We have a few ideas for names but are hoping to have 2-3 for each gender picked and then after the baby is born and we spend some time with him/her, we’ll choose a name that feels right! 🙂
  • We are so blessed to have loved ones that have volunteered to throw us baby showers! We had our first one in Bruceton last weekend and even had some friends from Clarksville join us! We have one planned for Oct 27thin Jackson and then one in Memphis that’s still TBD. If you are reading this, I would LOVE for you to join us at any of these showers so please let me know and I’ll get you the details!!
  • We are registered on Target and Amazon.

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