I’m missing it.

Baby Henry is almost 5 months old and all the baby sleep specialists will tell you that sleep routines are very important for a growing baby. As a mama and just as a human, I need all the help I can get in the sleep department so we have followed the rules and established routines to help Henry know it’s time to sleep.

As a nursing mom, Henry and I will go to his nursery and he’ll eat one more time before bed. It’s during that time while I’m feeding him that I have a prime opportunity to be intentional in praying for my son.
Today, the Lord convicted me that night after night, I’m not intentional about using that time to pray over him.

What am I doing instead?


Scrolling through Instagram. Scrolling through Facebook. Scrolling through Twitter. Reading a couple of articles. Watching a hair tutorial video. Clicking add to cart. Checking my email. Checking work notifications. Scrolling Instagram again.

And before you know it, Henry’s finished eating and we’re walking through his routine and putting him to bed.

I missed it. I’m the one that misses out on how the Lord wants to grow me closer to Him. I’m the one who misses out on all He wants to teach me. I’m missing it!

And the sad thing is that I miss windows of opportunity like that one day in and day out.

My heart breaks when I think about the time I waste on mindless scrolling that could be spent in Holy communion with the Father.

I share this because I think you might be missing out too. We’re live in a day and in a culture that is consumed by screens and we’re missing out.

Wake up, Sleeper! Jesus is doing a mighty work all around us and we’re going to miss it.