Quarantine Cooking Vol. 1

I’ve been doing some cooking over the past two months of being at home. My favorite recipe that I’ve made – and I’ve made it 3 times now – was inspired after Mark Whitt posted a photo of the gallon of Demo’s chicken and rice soup. His post reminded me of how much I miss Demo’s so I found a copycat recipe.

I think this has just been shared so many times that it doesn’t even have an original link so I do apologize to whomever originally posted this recipe. The pin only includes this photo. I’ve posted a few tweaks I made that made it even better below.

The first tweak I made was to add more butter up front. The recipe calls for 1 tbsp but I use at least 3 to get things started. I found when I used less, I ended up adding more in the end for the flavor so it’s just easier when making your roux to add more butter on the front end.

I didn’t have any wine on hand and just left it out and I didn’t miss it in this recipe.

I use one both of chicken broth which is an extra cup of broth and once we let the soup simmer, having the extra broth helped with the consistency since the rice will soak up a lot of your broth.

If you do not have cooked rice on hand and want to just let the rice cook in the soup, I think it tastes better that way but you’ll want to add a significant amount of extra broth or water since liquid will evaporate the longer it cooks as your rice gets tender.

I sub heavy cream of half and half for the milk when I have it on hand and I always think that makes a difference in flavor and making it extra creamy.

This last time that I made this recipe, I had some mushrooms in my fridge so I sliced up several and threw them in along with the chicken and seasonings and we really loved that added texture if you’re someone who loves mushrooms like we do.

It’s not exactly Demo’s but it’s pretty dang close! It would probably be closer if I had Demo’s rolls! Maybe I’ll shoot for them next time! Enjoy! 🙂