We Keep Singing

May 17, 2020

This morning as I was watching church from my couch like so many others, the song “Way Maker” was being sung by the worship team. With a heavy heart, I began to wonder, “Lord, how do we keep singing this song when it feels like you’re not making a way?” Because if we’re honest, and I believe he wants us to come with an honest heart, sometimes it feels like he’s not making a way, like he’s not working the miracle we’re praying for, like he’s not keeping his promises, like he’s not providing light for these dark days.

His presence came rushing over me with every lyric of this song. He knows when times are hard and we’re in pain. He knows when we’re grieving. He knows when we’re anxious. He knows when we’re tired. And he knows that this world is broken and that this is not our home. Friends, HE IS making a way. He is working miracles. His promises for salvation are always yes and amen. He IS the light in the darkness. It’s not just what he does but it’s who he is and even when we can’t see that he’s working, we can have faith in the midst of fear and death and pain that He never stops working.

We keep singing. Even when it’s hard and our shoulders are heavy because it’s when we keep moving forward and keep singing that we feel his presence and find his rest. Sometimes our hearts need the reminder that the song provides so keep singing, friends. He is faithful to work all things for His glory and our good even when we can’t see it.

**This was written in honor of Stephanie Jones, who never stopped singing and who is worshipping at the feet of Jesus this morning.**