Ministry Update

Last October, our Pastor reached out to me and asked me to pray about serving our church as the Minister to Women. I was working part time for BCM of Memphis, I had started my new career in the insurance world and while all worldly standards would prove that my plate was full, I knew this was something God was leading me to do.

In February, our elders voted and I was officially the Minister to Women for Mosaic Church. It was actually a comical process in my heart because I’d only ever seen a cookie cutter model of women’s ministry in most churches and if you’d asked me even 2 years ago if I’d ever be the Women’s Minister of a church, it would have been a hard pass. I knew I wanted to do it differently than I’d seen it done before – I knew I wanted all women in our church, from the youngest to the oldest, to have a place and to be encouraged in their faith journey. And it’s been a super sweet time of focusing on our ladies.

This summer as our church staff has made plans for the coming year and as the roles of our staff members have shifted, there was a gap within the ministry of our church to be filled and it just so happened to be one where my gifts naturally fit. After conversations with our Pastor when he returned from his Sabbatical and after our staff mapped out ministry strategy and goals over the next 3-5 years, it became clear that God was leading us to shift my role at Mosaic Church.

On August 29th, it was announced to our church body that my role would be changing and I would now serve as the Minister of Discipleship for Mosaic – still providing leadership to the women’s ministry of our church but also leading out in the discipleship efforts for our entire church body.

In case I haven’t said it enough – I love my church. And I’m beyond thrilled to be serving in this capacity. God’s word regarding the body of Christ working together has never been more alive and vivid before my eyes than it has this year as I’ve watched the women of our church step into using their gifts and as my role has evolved to better meet the needs of our church body.

I covet your prayers as I serve our church in this new way.

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