Things I’m Loving…

Here are some things I’m loving these days:

  • Pizza parties! My girl Jenna Stevens has started a little cottage bakery out of her kitchen and she makes the best sourdough pizza dough. We have had 3 pizza parties this summer and have many more to come. If you need (or want) sourdough loaves, cookies, bagels, or the “Casey Special” (pizza dough since its not on the menu yet!), Jenna will hook you up! Give her a follow on instagram!
  • “Beautiful” by Drew Barrymore at Walmart – yall, our beloved DB has created the most BEAUTIFUL line of small kitchen appliances available at Walmart. Our coffee maker that we’ve had since I started seminary is one that I bought for $5 on sale at the Dollar General in Nashville. It had seen better days and I knew that my coffee did not taste great anymore – no matter how much creamer I add. (Don’t @ me. I drink creamer because I love myself.) I had been admiring the beauty of Drew’s new line and finally bit the bullet and brought home a new coffee maker. And while I was there, I grabbed a new electric tea kettle as well and let me tell ya – it’s the coolest tea kettle I’ve ever seen! Our small group will have plenty of warm beverage options this fall! If anyone is looking for me a present, that Cobalt Dutch Oven is calling my name!
  • I recently went back to using a “Write the Word” Journal from the Cultivate What Matters shop over the last few weeks and I was reminded of how much I needed the calm that comes over me when I take 5 minutes to write out a peace of scripture to start my day. This summer while we’ve not had Henry in childcare, it has been difficult to carve out time for extensive study time in God’s word and I have to give myself grace in that. These journals are so good for my soul. They are also the perfect gift if you’re looking for something special to gift a friend.
  • I’m not sure that I’ve said this publicly but those who talk to me face to face will know that I’m a big fan of Costco. I find the best deals and I’m a sucker for things like street taco trays and bulk cases of Diet Coke. One of my favorite buys at Costco this summer has been these coozies (very similar to a bru-mate) as well as these travel mugs. I also grabbed these water bottles for Henry after he proved to us that he loves drinking from a water bottle on our beach trip when stealing sips from the larger sized ones we’d purchased a few months ago. Lastly we grabbed these bowls after having to borrow some when having a family over for dinner as I served soup and I will likely go back for another set soon. If you are in Memphis and want to check out the Costco before getting a membership, do give me a call and I will be happy to show you around!
  • As we slowly start decorating our house, we are framing old vintage photos of Memphis and found these frames at Target that has worked perfectly. We have some custom frame needs that we will happily take to our friends at Havner’s Frame Shop in Jackson soon but since we’ll be rotating these photos out, these target frames have worked great!
  • Ellie Holcomb’s new album! – I don’t know if I’ve talked about this much but my kid LOVES music like his mama! He dances and claps and it melts my heart! We have had the best time singing along to Ellie’s new album “Canyon”.
  • Face masks from Kitsch – Over the summer, we all got a little lax on our mask wearing. The numbers were down, stores were not enforcing a mask mandate for vaccinated folks so somewhere along the way I lost all my masks. When numbers started to rise, I decided to stock up on my faves and I’m so glad I did. These are my favorite masks! The material is supposed to be good for your skin and I really don’t think I develop maskne quite as bad when using these.